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How to declutter toys the Montessori way!

As we are approaching Christmas. I wanted to share with you some insights about toys.Most parents, when they discover Montessori, want to sort the toys they already have. Did you know that Briton

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Interview with Jasmine Ong from 3 Minutes Montessori

I discover Jasmine, through her blog 3 minutes Montessori, 3 years ago. Since we have been in touch and we have lots in commen, a quest for a decluttering life, a love for home design and embracing the

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5 Montessori roadblocks and how to overcome them

 When it comes to implementing the Montessori principles at home, many parents express that they are stuck because of 5 major roadblocks. It might seem impossible at first but all those roadblocks can

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8 tips to simplify your Montessori and Parenting Social Media search

Are you overwhelmed by Social Media?Does it influence the way you parent your children? Did you discover Montessori on a Facebook group? Or on Pinterest? Or through a Montessori blog or Instagram pictures?

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How I have used Simplicity Parenting with Montessori?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feed that life has become suddenly so complicated now that you have children? Do you live in a big city when there is always some place to go, someone to meet, or more

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Do you need to involve your children in the KonMari process? Sorting toys the Montessori way!

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the KonMari process, which has helped millions of people to declutter their space. In a nutshell, the process involves getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t

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