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Gentle Discipline Course

E-course with Support Enroll in a 5-week, Montessori discipline online course.This course is based on the Montessori principles and other techniques I have learned from various gentle-parenting trainings

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Montessori Parenting Course

Carine is very practical in her approach and has a wonderful way of helping you to introduce Montessori techniques in a home environment. This course taught me how to observe Chloe and choose toys

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Self-paced course

A course to introduce parents to the Montessori philosophy and how to use it at home to raise happy, self-motivated and confident children.Do you feel Montessori is right for your family but you are overwhelmed

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Simplify Traditions

The end of the year celebrations, whether it’s Christmas, Hanuka or the Winter’s solstice, can be overwhelming. For many families, it’s the main holiday that you will spend together.

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