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Imagine Me Story provides quality Black Children’s literature

Finding good quality books is not a small task. Finding children's books that represent Black Children and other minority ethnics is even more complicated. I am also more mindful about checking the

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Montessori friendly books for Summer

Summer is just around the corner!I have selected 16 books to explore Summer. As always, the books are reality-based to be in line with Montessori.Let's explore Summer as a season. Some books are about

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Montessori aligned Potty training books for children

The weather is beautiful here in the UK and it seems that every parent has decided to potty train their child!I have a blog post with plenty of info about how to develop toilet awareness in your child. And

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Montessori aligned Easter books

I will start this blog post by acknowledging that Easter is foremost a Christian celebration. If you are a secular family, you may want to focus on the religious aspect of Easter. Maybe for you, Easter

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Massage for children – a weather story and other resources!

Do you remember attending a baby massage class with your little one?With older children, once they are weaned and potty trained. we might feel that they don't want to be touch anymore but many studies

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Favourite weather books for kids

This month, the Montessori box was all about the weather.In my home, we have been exploring the weather with my own children.As a Montessori teacher, I have to admit that I have collected a huge amount

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Montessori Inspired Flowers Activities

Flowers are in full bloom all around us!So I'm happy to share some Montessori inspired activities featuring flowers.I also have a few "All about Flowers" Montessori boxes on Sale. The featuring activities

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Can you talk your child’s love language?

Today I want to chat with you about LOVE!I'm reading this book "The 5 Love languages of children" by Gary Chapman. The content has totally reframed the way I show my love to my children, especially to

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Montessori Friendly Easter gift ideas

Links have been updated for Easter 2020!Here are some last minute ideas for your Easter basket.In our secular family, we tend to focus on Spring and we avoid references to Easter Bunny.But we still love

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