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Reading Parenting books vs practicing what we read!

Reading parenting books vs Practicing what we read!⁠⁠I'm a parenting books junkie! I've been reading books about child's development and parenting since forever! Even as a teenager, I was reading my

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Montessori friendly books about the Rainforest

Our February Montessori box is all about the Rainforest.Discover the Montessori Family subscription boxA monthly box of Montessori activities for children aged 3 to 6.Learn more hereMost children are

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Montessori topic: Lunar New Year round-up and beautiful books!

The Lunar New Year is on the 12th of February. I have fond memory of celebrating by eating a Chinese meal as a child. My parents used to explain to me that the New Year, in many Asian countries,

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Montessori friendly books for Winter

As I don't want to display my Christmas books just yet, I have pulled out our collection of winter books.I am seriously missing my playgroup and the joy of rotating seasonal activities. Hence, this post

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Montessori friendly books about Starting school

The first day of school can be a worrying time for children. Even more this year, when most children have been sheltered for months, due to the current pandemic we are all in.Sharing engaging stories and

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Montessori friendly books – Books recommendation to welcome a new sibling

If you are expecting, you may want to prepare your first-born to the arrival of the baby. There are books that focus on the pregnancy (I will share some recommendations in an upcoming post) and books that

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Starting school tips with Sarah Ockwell-Smith, gentle parenting expert

Today, I am delighted to chat with Sarah Ockwell-Smith who is well-known as the Gentle Parenting expert here in the UK.Years ago, when I had my second child, I was determined to feel more confident in

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Imagine Me Story provides quality Black Children’s literature

Finding good quality books is not a small task. Finding children's books that represent Black Children and other minority ethnics is even more complicated. I am also more mindful about checking the

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Montessori friendly books for Summer

Summer is just around the corner!I have selected 16 books to explore Summer. As always, the books are reality-based to be in line with Montessori.Let's explore Summer as a season. Some books are about

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