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A Montessori inspired Gifts list for Babies

As Christmas is fast approaching, I want to share with you a new series about Gifts. This week, I will focus on Gifts and Toys for babies. Let’s not forget what you need as parents.  Ultimate Montessori

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What is a treasure basket and heuristic play?

Today I want to chat with you about the treasure basket. (scroll down to watch my video about treasure basket and heuristic play) It’s for babies between 6 months of age to roughly one-year-old. When

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First Baby Montessori Rattles and grasping toys

“The hands are the Instruments of the man’s intelligence” ‘Those children who have been able to work with their hands make headway in their development, and reach a strength of

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Montessori baby mobiles series – the Gobbi Mobile

I really started to apply Montessori when my first born was around 6 months old. With my son, I started from birth. I attempted to make my own Montessori mobiles. I managed the first one: the Munari mobile,

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Settle your child into nursery and how to handle the separation anxiety

As a Montessori teacher, I helped parents and children during the time of settling in a new nursery. When I give baby and toddler classes, it’s one of the main questions and worry: how to help my child

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