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How to teach your child to draw

Do you know how to teach your child to draw?When my children were toddlers and preschoolers, Art consisted mainly of letting them experimenting with art material. Process art was the way to go and still

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Art appreciation – Resources and ideas for children

I always had a keen interest in the arts. My dad is a painter and used to take us to the Museums. When we were on holidays, we had to visit the local Museum and admired the various paintings for hours.I

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Why your child should work on a vertical surface and 15 activities to try

CLICK HERE to join our community of 20 000 like minded parents.What you should offer an Easel to your childIn this blog post, I am giving 8 reasons why your child should work on a vertical surface, such

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What is Process Art? 40 ideas to start!

Insert Thrive Leads Shortcode How to nurture creativity in your children? Process art or open-ended art is the answer.Creativity is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “The use of imagination or

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