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Santa Claus and Montessori

At the playgroup, we had our Christmas/End of the term party. While I themed it with Winter and some of the Christmas symbols, I didn’t go heavy on Santa and there is a reason why, I don’t

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My own kids list!

My children are older that the children I have in the playgroup so their Christmas list is different. I though you might be inspired if you have children aged 4 and over (my son is 4 and my daughter is

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Treasure basket

The treasure basket is not specifically a Montessori activity but it fits perfectly with the ethos of the Montessori education. In fact, Treasure baskets belongs to the heuristic play.   I started to

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Winter crafts

Not that it’s cold here or that it’s snow but the Winter holidays are an invitation for some winter crafts, Here some winter inspired winter craft we made at the playgroup. To get your child

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I’m currently running a competition on my FB page so enter by visiting my FB page! WIN a 3 Hours consultation (3X1hour of skype consultation) – VALUE £90. Open World

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Cooking activities

I will share pictures from the my children childhood now and again. Here is my daughter at age 3 and a half.  At that time she was helping a lot with all the culinary activities! Here she used an apple

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Montessori shop

Find most of my recommendations here! (part of affiliate Amazon program) Montessori-family shop

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Snack preparation

One of the busiest area in the playgroup I run is the snack area. The children love to practice different skills that lead to eating their snack! First, they must wash their hands: we use a basin and

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Montessori Christmas list!

Hello! Nearly Christmas time and Black Friday! Do you have everything you need for your children? When I’m mostly against tones of toys for Christmas, it’s hard not to give any. So here my

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