A Thank you competition

Over the summer, I made the decision to open my little local fb group to parents everywhere (with an emphasis on UK) as I was keen to support other Montessori parents. We have grown from 100 (most of those have attended my classes) to now, 1635 members!

I’m very grateful for your presence and very happy to be able to share Montessori tips and knowledge.

As a thank you, I said that I will run a competition each time we reach a new milestone. The first one was to  reach 1500 members on the group!

So here we go, enter the rafflecopter below to win one of the 3 prizes! Competition opened to UK/European Residents to start with! I will also run some worldwide competitions when we reach other milestones 😉

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here the 2 books you could win:

The Secret of childhood by Maria Montessori: Maria Montessori describes the child with warmth and the exactness of a scientist. She also discusses the array of materials and techniques needed to release his learning potential.

ToddlerCalm by Sarah Ockwell-Smith: as her advice and tips are based on scientific evidence, there are, in my opinion, always in line with what Maria Montessori said.

About the Author Carine Robin

Carine Robin is a a mother of 2 children. She raises them the Montessori way. Originally from Belgium where she worked as a child psychologist for several years, Carine spent 6 years in Ireland before settling in in the UK. She qualified as a Montessori teacher 10 years ago and has since worked as Montessori teacher and preschool manager. She founded Montessori-family in 2011 to provide opportunities for parents to discover Montessori. She believes that it’s truly possible to implement the Montessori ideas at home to make your house and family life welcoming to your child, her needs and her thrive for independence. She offers parents & babies classes, toddlers playgroups; Montessori home designs, one to one support, parenting classes and online courses.

  • Kate Holmes says:

    Love the Montessori way of thinking

  • Rachel Craig says:

    Great prize. Children need to be valued, and Parenting is such an important task. Support helps us to do our best in encouraging children to reach their potential.

  • Martina Pichova says:

    Thank you for running the competition.

  • Angie McDonald says:

    It is such a fantastic thing to support other parents

  • trish says:

    I heard about Montessori method but would know more details.

  • Joanna Ford says:

    Would love to find out more about this

  • nicky pearce says:

    lovely prize thank you

  • Pauline Dring says:

    I’m very interested in the Montessori way of parenting , thank you for the giveaway

  • Caroline Anne Bellamy says:

    Great prize – always good to get some help with parenting

  • Adrian Bold says:

    Great prize! Thanks for running the competition. Good luck everyone.

  • Chris Hobbs says:

    I wish we had Montessori in my day. I floundered badly and this system would have helped so much.

  • Rachel White says:

    What a lovely review thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Andrea F says:

    Fab giveaway

  • Charlotte says:

    I’ve been looking into the Montessori teachings so your website and Facebook will come in very useful! Thanks you for sharing.

  • Natalie Crossan says:

    Wonderful, thank you

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