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Babyled weaning & Montessori

Weaning the Montessori way:When the weaning process has started, when the child can sit and enjoys sitting at the weaning table, the child and his parents develop a new relationship. The child is not fed

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Elimination communication or toilet learning without a diaper

Today, I have the pleasure to share this interview with Kate Jacoba Arnold, an Elimination communication coach, based in Holland. More info about her coaching here. And her facebook group here.Elimination

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Meet a Montessori Family – Liane and Oliver

Today, in my series Meet a Montessori-family,let me introduce you to Liane and her son Oliver. Liane took my parenting course more than 2 years ago .​You can follow her Montessori journey on

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Montessori Unit Study: all about Dandelions

With dandelions in abundance around us, it seems fitted to explore this wonderful plant!Let's not call it a weed, shall we?Dandelion is one of the first flower to appear in Spring and can flower until

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