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Product review: Sumblox and Montessori

Sumblox and MontessoriI recently tried the Sumblox with my two children.As they are 6 and 10, they are obviously well able to count and to carry on many mathematical operations.What I wanted to know about

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A Montessori inspired Gifts list for Babies

As Christmas is fast approaching, I want to share with you a new series about Gifts.This week, I will focus on Gifts and Toys for babies. Let’s not forget what you need as parents. Ultimate Montessori

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How to discipline the Montessori way

Do you have an active toddler or a strong-willed pre-schooler? Are you wondering how to guide your child, how to help your child to begin to control her impulses or to respect some “necessary “rules?Montessori

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Montessori in the Kitchen: 5 healthy snacks that your kids can do on their own

Today, I’m sharing 5 healthy snacks that your children can do, without any adult’s help.As long as they already master each step and that they have access to all the ingredients, your children

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Who was Maria Montessori?

While I trained as a Montessori teacher, one of our assignments was to write a biography of Maria Montessori. Since my training, I keep reading about her life. 2 recommended biographies to read:Maria

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A Montessori inspired Autumn unit with freebies

It’s September! Time to dive into Autumn and explore the wonders of my favourite season.Maybe it’s because it’s my birthday season but since I was a little girl, I have loved Autumn

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