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How to introduce your child to music, some Montessori ideas

Recently, I posted on my Instagram account a picture of my daughter practising the violin.Maria Montessori said“Music can touch us in a way that nothing else can. No better gift can we give to the children

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How to teach your child to draw

Do you know how to teach your child to draw?When my children were toddlers and preschoolers, Art consisted mainly of letting them experimenting with art material. Process art was the way to go and still

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First Baby Montessori Rattles and grasping toys

“The hands are the Instruments of the man’s intelligence”‘Those children who have been able to work with their hands make headway in their development, and reach a strength of character

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Interview with Jasmine Ong from 3 Minutes Montessori

I discover Jasmine, through her blog 3 minutes Montessori, 3 years ago. Since we have been in touch and we have lots in commen, a quest for a decluttering life, a love for home design and embracing the

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5 Montessori roadblocks and how to overcome them

 When it comes to implementing the Montessori principles at home, many parents express that they are stuck because of 5 major roadblocks. It might seem impossible at first but all those roadblocks can

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