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Montessori Parenting – are your ready for the teenage years?

My first born is reaching the doors of the third plane of development, aka “the adolescence”.How did that happen?My daughter is 10 and a half and has started to “change”. I have

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Montessori baby mobiles series – the Gobbi Mobile

I really started to apply Montessori when my first born was around 6 months old. With my son, I started from birth.I attempted to make my own Montessori mobiles. I managed the first one: the Munari mobile,

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Art appreciation – Resources and ideas for children

I always had a keen interest in the arts. My dad is a painter and used to take us to the Museums. When we were on holidays, we had to visit the local Museum and admired the various paintings for hours.I

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8 proven ways to foster a happy sibling relationship

My children are 6 and 10 and I can confidently say that they love each other, most of the time.I have a brother and I can sadly say that we grew up, being jealous of each other, competing with each other

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Why your child should work on a vertical surface and 15 activities to try

CLICK HERE to join our community of 20 000 like minded parents.What you should offer an Easel to your childIn this blog post, I am giving 8 reasons why your child should work on a vertical surface, such

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